Composer For Hire

Josh has written music for Nickelodeon, Fox, Disney, PBS, and Showtime, including the mega-hit show, Dora the Explorer for which he served as musical director and  composed the theme song and underscore. More recently,  Josh composed the Main Title Theme and musical underscore for Jonah Hill’s animated FOX primetime show, Allen Gregory.  


13 Queen Records

Producer / Publisher

When not making commissioned music for film and television Josh produces bands and other artists at his studios in Brooklyn, NY and Northampton, MA.  Including Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray, Smash),  Margaret Garrett (Mr. Airplane Man), Mark Mulcahy (Miracle LegionThe Adventures of Pete & Pete), Duke Amayo (Antibalas, Fu Arkest-Ra), Eric Biondo (Beyondo, the Monkees), Stuart Bogie (TV on the Radio, Iron & Wine, Superhuman Happiness), along with the bands,  The Wild Yaks, Big Nils, Goat Boy, Hylo-fi,  The Dire Honeys, Lazer & the Dookers, Thought, Ian Arcadian (The Young Arcadians),  Randell & The Metronomics,  The Expandable Brass Band,  Josephine & The Mousepeople, Izy Coffey and others, some of whom he performs with at live shows. His brand new record label 13 Queen Records feature many of these great artists & records.


Conjure Beat

Electronic / Instrumental / Remixes / Mashups

Josh's first solo album, the deeply personal Biblical Digital, described by critics... “From epic, dramatic, thunderous and sweeping like a film score to intimate, visceral, well-directed plaintive lines, this electronic album encompasses a full spectrum of light and dark, of mind and emotion, simply rotating around creativity and musical voice rather than any particular genre indications.” gave rise to Conjure Beat - a team of Josh's collaborators who work in the electronic, instrumental, or remixes & mashup worlds.  



Indie Kids & Family

A lifelong devotee of Roald Dahl, The Muppet Show, Free To Be, Shel Silverstein and Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka,  Josh created the children's music & comedy project called FunkeyMonkeys,  now 15 years old,  which includes 8 albums, a live band & Off-Broadway show, and several short videos.



Music Director / Improv / Karaoke Accompanist

Finally, Josh enjoys status as a leading improv accompanist, having performed hundreds of spontaneous, completely improvised theater and musical comedy performances with dozens of troupes in NYC and Massachusetts.   One of the most notable, Centralia (formerly Burn Manhattan),  considered masters of long form improv,  were only once recorded and put down for posterity for the NYC Fringe Festival Hit Musical Generica.  Josh hosts and accompanies all comers at weekly live piano karaoke party club at his 13 Queen studio.